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[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Workshop One[/tabtext] [tabtext]Workshop Two[/tabtext] [tabtext]Workshop Three[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]me & Roberta Gambarini at the 2012 Telluride Jazz Festival!info about  workshop 1 here[/tab] [tab]Info about workshop 2 here[/tab] [tab]dancin' with The Legendary 4-NikatorsInfo about workshop 3 here[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]


[wptab name=’Workshop One’]Content for the tab Workshop One[/wptab]

[wptab name=’Workshop Two’]Content for the tab Workshop Two[/wptab]

[wptab name=’Workshop Three’]Content for the tab Workshop Three[/wptab]


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