Video Course Downloads

Singing Simply from the Soul (1.75 hr pre-recorded video download)

I created this course, Singing Simply from the Soul, to offer easy steps that anyone can follow to better understand and free their voice. Together we will demystify singing as we explore breath, enunciation, resonance, pitch and transitions.  Then we’ll end the course by sharing a blissfully healing Chakra Toning session.

New horizons may open before you that you can’t even imagine yet, if you learn to sing and give your soul wings!

Singing Simply from the Soul – Deep Dive! (Three 1.25 hr pre-recorded video downloads)

Everything you’ll learn in Singing Simply from the Soul in greater depth!

Day #1: Inspire, Resonate & Clarify- learning about breath, vowels & consonants

Day #2: Vibrate, Flow & Transition- learning to move low to high, soft to loud

Day #3: Attune & Enjoy- review, songs & Chakra Toning!

Voice of Light Chakra Toning (1 hr pre-recorded video download)

Learn how to maximize the healing energy of your voice, and then enjoy this blissful group session with guided imagery, humming, Chakra Toning & Singing Bowls! You will feel peaceful and uplifted each time you play it.