Chakra Toning

Chakra Toning Bliss!

A Chakra Toning group in Boulder, Colorado & on Zoom 

Looking for a like-minded group of people out to save the world with our voices?!? You’ll love toning with Chakra Toning Bliss!  We gather to create and send out peaceful energy with our voices, sweet & simple.  Meetings are about once per quarter and the dates will be posted here.  Stay tuned and join us!

Coming soon in the Summer of 2024- Chakra Toning Bliss with Cacao Ceremony!

                 “I have done two of Linda’s Chakra toning sessions. Her concept of sending energy out to our ailing country was so full of compassion, we all felt that in our little way we were making a difference. Thank you Linda for sharing your humanity and vision so generously with all of us.”  Jean M, Denver

Try toning for yourself with my free sound file, “Chakra Toning with Linda”


Private Chakra Toning Sessions

Uplift your energy with a private healing session on Zoom and in person!

Toning is a form of sound healing with the voice, sort of like chanting… we take a deep breath and hold a long vowel while focusing on each Chakra, 7 tones for 7 Chakras. Toning will literally raise your physical vibration by stimulating the Vagus Nerve, which starts in the brain stem close to your where your vocal cords are vibrating. I’ve been toning for 28 years with my students, and it’s a gentle but powerful practice that’s easy to do at home and heavenly in a group!  It’s fun, easy and effective. You’ll find a sense of well-being and peacefulness that gets stronger with each session.  And best of all no singing experience is needed- everyone’s voice has natural healing energy you can tap into!

“Magical! What a beautiful experience with a wonderful person. I can’t wait for the next session.”  Denise, Boulder

“Working with Linda has been so much more than the physicality of voice training- therefore it has become an integral part of my spiritual process.”  Maren, Denver

“… we had a toning session during which we worked from root to crown chakra. There was a resonance in my body that felt soothing and the very next lesson I was able to relax further and spontaneously play with song, to keep finding the sound I wished to make.”  Therese, Nederland

* Book on Voice Lessons & Booking page. For gift cards, call or text #303-443-9490                          

1st chakra-  tone on Eh, visualize red

2nd chakra- tone on Om, visualize orange

3rd chakra-  tone on Ah-Om, visualize yellow

4th chakra-  tone on Ah, visualize green & pink

5th chakra-  tone on Oo, visualize light blue

6th chakra-  tone on Hmm, visualize indigo blue

7th chakra-   tone on Ee, visualize violet

For advanced info on Sound Healing, read this Jonathan Goldman interview: