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Your voice is your new best friend

You just don't know it yet!  Our voices are profound, beautiful, simple and easy to access, but most of us are unaware of their incredible potential.  In a world that says only famous people should sing and the rest of us should listen, I say let's all sing!  For our health, for connection, for the sheer joy of it.  If you've ever wondered if you could sing but were afraid to try, the answer is yes, everyone can sing. There are no exceptions, just different sounds, styles and intentions. 

Your voice has the natural ability to-

  • calm, soothe & relax
  • express yourself deeply
  • stimulate the Vagus Nerve
  • raise your physical vibration 
  • bring people together
  • activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • create healing energy
  • speak your truth
  • sing someone to sleep
  • connect with your higher self

If you want to explore the possibilities of your voice through Voice Lessons, Chakra Toning or both, you've come to the right place-

As a teacher, I'm proud to put all my varied experiences together into a teaching style that is effective and accessible. The foundation of my method is 10 years of classical Bel Canto vocal study, but my 30+ years of pop/rock/jazz performance have had a huge impact, too!  Mix in a BA in Music and a BA in Psychology from Naropa University, Reiki Level II Training and certified membership in the Sound Healers Association, and out comes my unique take on singing and teaching voice. My style is relaxed & intuitive, backed-up by a wealth of education, knowledge and experience, and a strong desire to help people find the beauty in their own voices. And find profound healing within their own voices!

Linda Lewellyn interviewed by Louise Matson @ Mundane to Magical, UK, 2021

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“Linda is such an experienced, patient, and personable singing instructor, I feel really lucky to have found her! Her expertise and comforting nature make our lessons extremely enjoyable and relaxing, especially since I’m a total novice. My voice gets better and better with every lesson!” -Amanda, Boulder, 2018

"My partner and I started singing lessons with Linda over Zoom during COVID, and it works!! What joy we have with Linda. She caters each lesson to whatever we are interested in and each week we learn so much and have much fun singing. We thoroughly recommend Linda.         -Hope, Boulder, 2021

"I have been very fortunate to have Linda for my vocal instructor. She has an incredible ear and a great talent for teaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone who desires to strengthen and improve their vocal skills"  -Peter, Denver, 2015

“I took private voice lessons twice monthly with Linda for nearly two years and had a fabulous experience. She is very positive, supportive and enjoyable to work with. I appreciated that she was flexible and helped me focus on my personal goals, at my own pace. I also liked that she had occasional performance classes that allowed me to experience singing in front of a group and work towards a performance (if that is your goal).” -Steve, Boulder, 2019

"Voice lessons with Linda have a healing element that is further opening this channel of expression for me. We had a toning session during which we worked from root to crown chakra. There was a resonance in my body that felt soothing and the very next lesson I was able to relax further and spontaneously play with song, working straight through mistakes to keep finding the sound I wished to make; something that's been an obstacle previously. Thanks!!"  -Therese, Nederland, 2015

“The saddest thing about moving from Boulder, Colorado back to Portland, Oregon? No more weekly in-person voice lessons with Linda. The good news is that using SKYPE, I still get to learn and grow as a vocalist with her! Working with Linda has been an incredible experience. I have gone from being a tentative, newbie performer who struggled significantly with my break, to a confident, up-and-comer in the Portland jazz scene. I now have a new sense of fun and confidence in my performing. I cannot thank Linda enough, or recommend her highly enough. She is an amazing teacher and coach.”  -Lura, Portland, OR, 2013 

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